Africa for Christ Evangelistic Association

Africa For Christ Evangelistic Association

New Church Planting by indigenous men

Africa For Christ

AFRICA FOR CHRIST focuses exclusively on new Church Planting by indigenous men reaching people for Christ. Each church planter serves under a mother church, denomination or mission board and is sponsored on a decreasing basis for 4 or 5 years. Each year the support is decreased by between 10% and 25%, and the new congregation is taught Biblical discipleship and stewardship and is required to take up the support of the church planter over the 4 to 5 years thus becomming self sustaining.

Self-supported in 5 years

Most of the churches started become fully self-supported in 5 years and then call their own pastor.

Some church planters stay on as the pastor after the church is planted and train other men of the congregation to preach in the branch works until they too become self supported churches.

REPORTS are sent to sponsors each month for prayer and encouragement

When a property or church building is needed, Africa for Christ negotiates partnerships with supporting churches and others partners to assist with the purchase of land and building materials.

Teams from supporting churches often take up the challenge of comming to assist with the building project.

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