Loyiso Matu Report June 2016

The worship in church is growing drastically this year and we see a great change in the church. We are trusting God that He will bless us with more equipment.

I am trying to develop the culture of caring for one another within the church members. I also have discipleship class going on. The brethren’s are responding to the discipleship class because we see them testifying.

We have just finished EEIII training with my wife so now we do more personal evangelism and we are planning to conduct the training for all members of the church. We gather from house to house every night to conduct our services. This year we started preaching in high schools. We started from the first day school opened. The school children are responding as we see them accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

In Thornycroft, one of the areas where we are doing church planting, there was conflict between two families that involved other people in the village. The owner of the farm called me to resolve the issue between these families. We called everyone involved and we started to hear the whole story. While we were resolving the issue we started introducing Jesus Christ which is eternal life to the people of the village. After that witnessing, they all understood and took a decision to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. The people that accepted the Lord in total were six people. We thank the Lord for those souls! We are as joyful as the bible says for one soul that repents there is joy in heaven.