Victor Befile Report: April 2016

I am so excited to have this great opportunity to share about the development that took place at our church within this first quarter of the year 2016. My report will be a progress report of Motherwell Fellowship; Kenton On Sea Fellowship and Port Alfred Fellowship, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

This event took place from the 6th & 7th February 2016 at Kenton On Sea. All three fellowships attended this event. The purpose of this event was to approve the plan for the year 2016 and get a buy-in from all church members. On Saturday we had an opening air service from 16h00 until 17h30 and two young people accepted the Lord. From 18h00 until 20h00 I conducted leadership training and shared words of encouragement to all members of the church and that was the end of the first day. On the 7th February 2016 that was on Sunday we welcomed new members; conducted a Lord Supper and we adopted the year plan for the year 2016.

On the 12th February 2016 again I visited Port Alfred Fellowship and members of Kenton On Sea Fellowship also we part of this service. Two ladies accepted Christ in this service one was from Port Alfred and one from Kenton On Sea.

All three fellowships are still in a baby stage and I still need to train strong leaders that will be responsible to lead even if I am not present. Secondly these three areas are far apart since these churches are still young.

The other challenge is still a lack of strong leaders. This situation makes me to drive up and down between these three fellowships trying to develop leaders that can be give assistance and take some other responsibilities whilst I am busy in another area. Another challenge is to work with limited resources such as sound system; permanent premises for fellowship; transport; poverty stricken members are also not reliable. Their challenges of being unemployed makes them unstable.