Cornelius Quarshie-Ehi – July 2017

FAMILY:  My family is doing very well. The Ehi church members are also doing very well by His grace. The kids are taking their education seriously. We are very grateful to God and also to AFC and loyal Partners

In my personal life I am trying to develop the reading of God’s word and some other inspiring leadership books and prayer.

MINISTRY: We are at foundation stage and the new converts we won are all being discipled and we teach them also to identify their gifts and use them to the glory of God. Discipleship is the key to having a great church so more energy is being channeled to doing this.

By the grace of God we have been going from house to house and in the markets. Visitation and follow ups are being done and the results so far are encouraging.


1. Pray for divine protection for all of us

2. Pray that the resources we need are met

3. Pray for the needs of the family and all members

4. Pray for divine wisdom, understanding and knowledge