Issah Osman-Techiman – July 2017

FAMILY: My wife and kids are doing very well by the great grace of God. The church members are also doing well.

We grateful to the Almighty God and also to you AFC staff and Partners

MINISTRY: The churches are doing well by the grace of God. In Burkina Faso we have 30 members who are being discipled. Two prospective leaders are being trained and at Techiman we have 16 and two leaders who are being trained on the job.


WENCHI in Focus: This city is pre-dominantly Islam. The adherents of Islam are mostly the people group called Bandas.  Maari, the ex-Muslim lady is doing very well despite the persecution.

Persecution has just started from the mother that, if she insist on her new faith in the Lord, she should prepare to leave the house. Pray for her to be strong in the Faith.

We now have initiated a discipleship and leadership classes for some potential leaders every Saturday and we are really making progress.

REQUESTS:  1. Pray for more grace for us as we work in these evil areas

2. Pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding for all of us

3. Pray for dedicated and faithful leaders to emerge

4. Pry for more resources for the work of the ministry

5. Pray that the new believers should be established and rooted in Christ

The church in KUOBA, Burkina Faso urgently needs a roof over the mud wall they are using. This will greatly raise the standard and attract souls.