Mensah Stanley-Tsito – July 2017

FAMILY: My family and church members are doing very well.

MINISTRY: We are working on some 5 CHILDREN and an adult. We are gradually penetrating the township and we trust that God will see us through. We are engaged in evangelism in homes and at social gatherings.

There are some wicked fellows in the town who are bent on organizing ritual murders. This community has been at war with a neighboring tribe for decades in a protracted land dispute, so its just coming out of it so there is so much work here.

We urgently need some plastic chairs to be used for the worship service

We have rented a classroom for the church meetings and hoping to intensify evangelism to haul in more converts.

PRAYER REQUESTS:  1. Pray for more grace for us as we labor in these volatile areas

2. Pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding for all of us

3. Pray for dedicated and faithful leaders to emerge

4. Pry for more resources for the work of the ministry

5. Pray that the new believers should be established and rooted in Christ

6. Pray that all the wicked elements in the society be powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit so that they can repent or be eliminated