Samuel Dzamesi-Asesewa – July 2017

FAMILY: We thank God the family is doing well by His grace. We are very grateful to God and AFC for their support.

MINISTRY: We are engaged in personal evangelism and also use frequent revival meetings as wedges to win the souls and then disciple them.  At Asesewa we now have 19 strong converts and they are all very serious-minded disciples. 

I am in charge of the fellowships we have established at Akuse junction and Somanya. Pastor Wisdom is planning a pre-Christmas Convention at Somanya and I believe that it will open up the area for us to haul in new converts.

We have rented a classroom for the church meetings, but the school has moved its facilities so a benevolent person has asked us to use his home facility for now.

PRAYER REQUESTS:  1. Pray for more grace for us as we minister in these volatile areas

2. Pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding for all of us

3. Pray for dedicated and faithful leaders to emerge and also pray against evil plans of the devil.

4. Pry for more resources for the work of the ministry

5. Pray that the new believers should be established and rooted in Christ