Tugbeny Godfred-Klikor – July 2017

FAMILY:FAMILY: My family is doing very well. The church members are also doing very well by His sufficient grace.

In my personal life I am trying to develop reading mental toughness and prayer.

DESTRUCTION OF TEMPORARY STRUCTURE: A powerful rainstorm has destroyed our temporary structure and we are now meeting in a home. We have written to some people to help us put up the structure.

MINISTRY: We are at the foundation stage and they are all being discipled and we teach them also to identify their gifts and use them to the glory of God. The membership is about 40 at Klikor. Klikor is a satanic ancestral stronghold. They have a shrine where fetish slaves are kept and they argue that it forms part of their culture. Any culture that dehumanizes is devilish.

By the grace of God we have been going from house to house and in the markets. Vigorous video presentations and door to door evangelism is ongoing. Visitation and follow ups are being done and the results so far are encouraging and then this massive destruction of our chapel drew us back a bit, but we thank God

We have surveyed two communities we have earmarked for church planting some other communities in the area. By the grace of God we have been going from house to house. The infant church is growing steadily.

I am targeting a new strategic place for a church planting program sooner.

PRAYER REQUESTS: 1. Pray for divine protection for all of us as we penetrate new areas

2. Pray that the resources we need are released

3. Pray for the needs of the family and that of the church

4. Pray for divine wisdom, understanding and knowledge

5. Pray in the faithful leaders

6. I am planning to get married to a godly lady and I ask that you pray for us to effect it to the glory of God