Jabu Dama – July 2017

Describe how the Church Plant is doing. Is it growing? Any challenges? Any joys?

The church is doing great, most of our members were on school holidays and we even had an opportunity to have outdoor evangelism.  We joyful to share the promising working relationship with Blue Water Bay Community Church. After along period of prayer for a such a relationship,  God has made it possible and we are all excited. Our fellowship rotates between areas of Wells and Blue Water Bay and it gives us the opportunity to minister to both communities. 

Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

As the church we desire to make this relationship between two church to work for the betterment of the community.  We aim to do more programs that will talk to the needs of comjunity and our members.  Our prayer request is for this relationship to work and for God to give us more ideas to accomplish more.

Share some TESTIMONIES of God’s faithfulness in your PERSONAL and MINISTRY life. ANSWERS to prayer?

As the church, we give God the praise for grace that keeps us united as the church. Thank him for this promising fellowship with the blue water bay church.

God has been faithfull to us as the family and we thank him for that. I’m greatful that God answered my prayer for the job.  It’s not a full time as yet but it’s an answer from God. As pastors of the church we are thankful to God that he has kept us.