Loyiso Matu – July 2017

Describe your own spiritual and emotional health. Encouraged? Discouraged? Hopeful? Hopeless? Tired?

I am encouraged and hopeful by the word of God because it does not change but heals the spirit.

Describe how your family is doing. Your marriage? Your children? Any specific challenges?

We are doing well in the family, no challenges.

Describe how the Church Plant is doing. Is it growing? Any challenges? Any joys? Discouragements?

The church plant is doing well and growing, we see people getting at Motherwell especially men and youth. The Lord is answering our prayers because that’s what we have been praying for.

Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

As the church, we are still in the lookout for a better place to gather especially on Sundays, at Port Elizabeth branch we currently gathering at a school class on Sundays but you will find out that other Sundays the school is busy or struggle to a get a key or access. At Alexandria branch we are still gathering at brethren’s houses there we also need a better place to worship our Lord.

Share some TESTIMONIES of God’s faithfulness in your PERSONAL and MINISTRY life. ANSWERS to prayer?

My personal testimony is that I have received the bakkie I have been praying for so that I can be able to preach the word of God having the facilities, I thank the Lord for the blessing and thank you for your prayers.

The ministry testimony is that as we gather in the house brethrens during the week, there is a mother that fellowships with us when the church went to her house she saw God at work. Her husband and three sons accepted Jesus as the Lord and saviour. We give the Lord all the praise.