Phillip Kamela – July 2017

Describe how the Church Plant is doing. Is it growing? Any challenges? Any joys? Discouragements?

Ever since I have moved back to Monyakeng Baptist Church, at first things were not that easy but now we thank the Lord because things are coming together. We do Bible study every thursday ,and youth every friday and preaching on Sunday, the Lord has really been good.all in all I can say that the church is growing and not only numerically but sporotually as well

Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

Nothing melts my heart like hearing someone saying to me that they are growing and thankful to the Lord because of my ministry, I get very encouraged when I hear such. This is not because I want appluase from people, it is just because I see where we are going. I have been asking the Lord for a prayer partner, one that we could share real stuff with  and pray together, I would also ask that you pray for me in that regard.

Share some TESTIMONIES of God’s faithfulness in your PERSONAL and MINISTRY life. ANSWERS to prayer?

God answered my prayer in that I have finally registered for my studies with Unisa and finishing that one subject with BTC. Secondly our youth department is at a healthy stage right now and that just melts my heart.