Loyiso Matu – September 2017

 The church plant is doing well and I have already started the discovery bible study. Now more people are getting saved. The leaders that I am grooming are growing spiritually and they study the bible even in their homes.  I am so encouraged because I believe in making leaders other than followers.

We have a plan to clean the community of NU 11 because it’s too dirty children can easily get diseases. Now we are planning to meet the ward councillor for discussing the idea. We are asking prayers. As you are aware that last month-end I have an accident with the bakkie, I am asking God to grand me power to fix it and be able to use it again for preaching the word across and also your prayers please stand with me.

Last month we had a meeting at Bluewater Bay Community church with Jeremy, Jeremy connected me with JP and Pastor Eric. They gave me food parcels to help the needy community of Motherwell.  One of the families we visited and left the food parcels was the Somyali family in NU11 and after a week the mother of the house came to Jesus after one of the discovery leaders Mrs Kwebulana has been paying visits into their home for discovery bible study. Now the whole family that includes three daughters and grand children came they are fellowshipping with us now.