Never Sithole – September 2017

I have moved a step higher than before , my prayers to open another church have been answered.

The authorities in the area have allowed me to spread the good news . This however encouraged my visits to the are .

However I have come across challenges due to the cold weather. The community is much harder to communicate with

as they tend to lock themselves indoors , Hopefully it will be better in the coming season .Also the distance from the

main road where I get transport to the church point is quit far and it takes time to get the transport and waiting for it is very tiresome.

My family is good , healthy and happy. We thank God for his day to day providence.

Church is doing well, with the fact that now I have confidence of a fund from AFC, food and transport is covered up. God is powerful and good that His people are receiving the good news at His time . If I surrenders His people to Him , His work becomes one’s joy at all

the time. Discouragements cannot be found, the fact that I totally committee everything to Him.

My personal and ministry prayer requests remains the same like,

a, members grow spiritual, and also grow in numbers.

b, members should leave the word, and also be obedient to God.

c, members be committed to church programmes.

d, members to be able to give to God according to how they are blessed by God.

e, God raise us to another upper level of knowing Him  more , our health as a church community and also financially.

My testimonies of God’s faithfulness in my personal and ministry life are ,

a, above all, the assistance from AFC is one blessing to my ministry life .

b, God’s day to day providence to my family.

c,God’s mercy to our day to day travel as a family.

e, people who love us, all the time of our lives.