Phillip Kamela – September 2017

This report would so well fitting just we have had our very awesome and spirit filled church planter’s conference. My spirit came back fulfilled and that was a boost on my spiritual health. The church is so supportive of my ministry and that gets me encouraged. Discouragements are just that its been some three weeks not seeing some members coming on Sundays , however I made means to ask and encourage them to be available for God to use them.
My hope is that since it is warm again , we can have an outreach so we can win souls for the Lord through a crusade.
As I have mentioned earlier that the church is doing well, we thank the Lord for that. What I would request as a prayer is that the Lord may open the leader’s hearts to serve him freely and openly. The joys are that the young people are now involved in the ministry and find fulfilment in serving the Lord.
It is almost exam time for me and I would request that you pray with me that the Lord might keep me in peace and focus. And also for the outreach that we want to get into as a church.