Wiki Vuyelele January Report

Family matters:
The lord has blessed me with a loving wife, three children, a daughter-in law, three grand-children and lastly three foster kids. Everyone of them shows dedication to the work of God. 2018 marks our 28th anniversary in marriage and our love for each other is still growing stronger, as we are not perfect but through the help of the Lord we are able to resolve our differences peacefully.


By the grace of God, the good news of Jesus Christ is being preached in rural areas. Our committed members are willing to be tasked as our villages are not  closer to each other, but there are some we managed to reach out to. I always encourage the brethren to read the word of God, I also do bible studies, tent revivals.


I would like to thank the AFC family for welcoming me and making me  part of the family in September 2017 church planters conference, and I was also blessed to be part of the conference, it was awesome, I Thank the Lord for the youth camp that took place in my village for two weeks in June 2017, where Pastor. Loyiso Matu and his youthful team did a great explosion in our areas. I say to God be the glory!.

Prayer items:

1.My health, to be strong, so I can continue preaching the goodness of  God amongst the brethren.

2. Church planters to be an example of what they are preaching ,to be  like Jesus.
3.Also the strength and health of the AFC leadership as they are  advancing the kingdom.
Thank you!!