Never Sithole – September 2017

I have moved a step higher than before , my prayers to open another church have been answered.

The authorities in the area have allowed me to spread the good news . This however encouraged my visits to the are .

However I have come across challenges due to the cold weather. The community is much harder to communicate with

as they tend to lock themselves indoors , Hopefully it will be better in the coming season .Also the distance from the

main road where I get transport to the church point is quit far and it takes time to get the transport and waiting for it is very tiresome.

My family is good , healthy and happy. We thank God for his day to day providence.

Church is doing well, with the fact that now I have confidence of a fund from AFC, food and transport is covered up. God is powerful and good that His people are receiving the good news at His time . If I surrenders His people to Him , His work becomes one’s joy at all

the time. Discouragements cannot be found, the fact that I totally committee everything to Him.

My personal and ministry prayer requests remains the same like,

a, members grow spiritual, and also grow in numbers.

b, members should leave the word, and also be obedient to God.

c, members be committed to church programmes.

d, members to be able to give to God according to how they are blessed by God.

e, God raise us to another upper level of knowing Him  more , our health as a church community and also financially.

My testimonies of God’s faithfulness in my personal and ministry life are ,

a, above all, the assistance from AFC is one blessing to my ministry life .

b, God’s day to day providence to my family.

c,God’s mercy to our day to day travel as a family.

e, people who love us, all the time of our lives.


Thembeka Mdlangu – September 2017

Since I accepted or receive the call of God being a preacher of the Good news, I trust Him, I believe His Word. I preach, I counsel, teach the word about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am not just a pastor, I am a church planter. We are still pitching the tents. Last month we were evangelizing at Ndelane at Thaleni Willowvale, presently we are at fort Malan (New Brite). We see God in mission, the works of the Holy Spirit. People are coming back to God in numbers in tears. The sick are healed, the unemployed are getting; jobs. Many people are praising the Lord for what he has done. Our slogan is Go Ye preach “Matthew 28:18-20.

I do not have the resources to boost our work but Pastor Ngudle whom I work with gave his bakkie and his system for God’s work. We are using different gifts in those tents. After 3-4 weeks we start a Bible study classes, cells to teach people about the Lord Jesus using the Bible. When I was preaching in Centane I had two boys that I sent to Union Bible Institute at Pieter maritzburg for three year Theology classes. One started working at Whittlesea and on at Maritzburg planting churches. I called the one at Maritzburg to come back and work with me fulltime. He came back we are working together. Pitching tents is a huge work. He is Bongile Mathsini. He is married and have two children. He is not staying at his home or with his family he is staying fulltime where the revivals are. Each rural area has its own stronghold but we pray a lot even prayer with fasting. The challenge is the so called Christians but they are not committed to God’s will. They have fear of our work and people I mean they say their people accept Jesus and leave their churches.

Africa for Christ thank you so much for your help you are our shoulder to cry on. As long as God’s help we are going to preach.

Our plan is that in September we are going to pitch the tent at Lahlangubo at Hlobo (Dutywa). We announce it already! Yho! God is on our side.

Thank you for your support and prayers

Loyiso Matu – July 2017

Describe your own spiritual and emotional health. Encouraged? Discouraged? Hopeful? Hopeless? Tired?

I am encouraged and hopeful by the word of God because it does not change but heals the spirit.

Describe how your family is doing. Your marriage? Your children? Any specific challenges?

We are doing well in the family, no challenges.

Describe how the Church Plant is doing. Is it growing? Any challenges? Any joys? Discouragements?

The church plant is doing well and growing, we see people getting at Motherwell especially men and youth. The Lord is answering our prayers because that’s what we have been praying for.

Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

As the church, we are still in the lookout for a better place to gather especially on Sundays, at Port Elizabeth branch we currently gathering at a school class on Sundays but you will find out that other Sundays the school is busy or struggle to a get a key or access. At Alexandria branch we are still gathering at brethren’s houses there we also need a better place to worship our Lord.

Share some TESTIMONIES of God’s faithfulness in your PERSONAL and MINISTRY life. ANSWERS to prayer?

My personal testimony is that I have received the bakkie I have been praying for so that I can be able to preach the word of God having the facilities, I thank the Lord for the blessing and thank you for your prayers.

The ministry testimony is that as we gather in the house brethrens during the week, there is a mother that fellowships with us when the church went to her house she saw God at work. Her husband and three sons accepted Jesus as the Lord and saviour. We give the Lord all the praise.

Titus Noinyane – July 2017

Describe how your family is doing. Your marriage? Your children? Any specific challenges?

The abovementioned family factors is pretty much doing well now that God`s grace had found us throughout all life challenges, it has also sustained God`s plan with our lives that our marriage ministry played Christ dominant thought or idea of keeping the main thing the main thing. According Proverbs 22:6 sayings; teach your child the ways of God while ii is still young, when grown up shall never depart from that divine path. It was more exciting to experience God`s grace when we noticed the level of high commitment to our grown up children taking Sunday school ministry with more eagerness compared in the previous struggles.

From our pastoral practical theology studies they continue to emphasise that the home of a pastor it is like a fish-bowl wherefore every church member looks into it as a reflection of what Jesus Christ does and set up a tone for the church families to aspire. We are more than happy to recognize His favour upon us, that our children are doing their best to live up to such-like expectations. The older daughter have taken up Sunday school education project by a storm to a point of drafting biblical manual through bible stories, even to supply them with basic monthly tests of faithfulness as to address the problems of those who are raised up from the unstable communities. The young brother to her is doing a lot of commitment in the youth project whereby he is much more involved in fund-raising project for their particular programs, this has helped the church leadership to address certain aspects of the church rather to focus on other issues than to cover youth project as well. During the school holidays of June the youth conducted a youth camp and concludes it with June 16th celebration wherein they commemorate the South African liberation struggle, converting it into biblical perspective. Most of the youth who attended the camp were exposed to the gospel, and it was exciting to see our youth participating and exchanging the biblical understanding with the panel group of the public. Both the Sunday school and the youth departments respectively were committed in the welfare of the event and shown up interest in the progressive planning for the next event. The current challenges are basically flowing from the consistency of other activities that can sustain the attendance because most of youth came from far from the church. One of the mayor challenge is the transport facility to cater for the young people after their respective midweek evening services whereby some other areas are not safe to travel alone.

Describe how the Church Plant is doing. Is it growing? Any challenges? Any joys? Discouragements?

The Letlhabile Baptist fellowship is currently battling with the state of crime in some other areas, whereby the church midweek services were affected and we advised the church members not to risk their lives by attending such-like services. Our church spiritual development programs and discipleship classes are mainly conducted concurrently with the Sunday school bible study the reason being to influence the bible reading book by book. One of the targeted method was to promote discipline in reading one of the New Testament book in one sitting and develop the theology of each book that was completed. The challenge of reading one book in one sitting disclosed the Christians lack of attention in the things of God but also reflected some Christian’s misbehaviour of watching television movies more than spiritual nourishment. Growing the new converts depended mostly on outreach programs whereby they learn through public testimony of sharing the gospel how did you found the way of the cross. During our youth camp campaign we discovered the boldness of some new converts who convinced the church about their biblical conviction stand point.

  • Some Challenges: Basically it was transporting new converts after the church meetings to their respective destiny particularly the evening services, due to unforeseen crime factors. The past two months the pastor`s bakkie got radiator breakdown, and aforesaid circumstances of the project suffered.
  • People were discouraged to attend some of the evening services due to lack of public transport because even the taxi people do not prefer to work areas  affected by crime,.

2.Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

  • Basically my sincere personal prayer request is based on the outstanding duration of my monthly travelling costs to seminary. The health of my wife that fluctuates due to some domestically pressures wherefore affects my attention to my studies.
  • Pray for the escalating state of crime that affects the progress and the preaching of the gospel
  • Today`s generation has lost the love of reading and studying God`s Word.

Share some TESTIMONIES of God’s faithfulness in your PERSONAL and MINISTRY life. ANSWERS to prayer?

God`s faithfulness has been revealed in His divine providences, He sustained our church outreach projects particularly the youth camp whereby  more faith was exercised due to the fact that we did not have any budget to cater for it. But God`s ways are higher than man`s ways, the event was pretty much successful, it went well to the point of winning back some church members who were partly discouraged and have abandoned the church attendance. We have experienced youth leadership growth whereby they were able to run the event on their own, we only facilitate certain minor spiritual areas. It is exciting to realise such-like spiritual movement.

Personally I am encouraged to gain more momentum of biblical counselling marital dynamics after completing first semester wherefore it played important role enhancing better level of addressing marriage dispute among the communities. Despite some pastoral challenges God is always one step ahead of our challenges as much as He promised not to forsake nor leave us alone in the ministry.

Thembeka Mdlangu – July 2017

I am a single lady who never married. I am saved and committed to the Lord. My family is well and submissive to Jesus. I work in partnership with Pastor Zamikhaya Ngudle who is saved and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is helping my ministry with transport and p.a. system.

During youth month June we evangelize youth at Willowvale Ciko where we had door to door evangelism. Youth team was keen to do it. During the weekends we had youth gatherings. We invited different speakers to talk to the youth. We also invited social development to come and talk to the youth about the substances that the youth take and destroy themselves. We have new converts of youth.

Pitching tents- Dutywa

At Lahlangubo at Hlobo location we set a tent to preach for three weeks. People are accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and King. Mr Dindili opened his house for the rivivial.

Now we pitch a tent at Thaleni –Ndelani. Mrs Mncedi hosts the tent at her home. People from the nearest places are coming. Some accepts Jesus for the first time and some were the backsliders and now dedicated themselves to the Lord.

We praise the Lord for what he has done, two men are employed after accepting Jesus. One girl has been a sangoma and she gave up everything to Jesus.

My Challenges

This season is very cold, some days are tough but we do not give up. I am so greatful that God always show himself to people. He does not leave nor forsake our ministry. I have a testimony of the works of Holy Spirit. I love preaching.

Please pray for our work

May God bless you and your families

Mluleki Marongqeni – July 2017

Spiritual and Emotional 

I thank  the mighty God for my spiritual wellness, which makes me strong enough to endure enough and face challenges in other areas of my life.

Church Planting 

Ministry is doing fine, the revival at Nompumelelo is still on people get saved, healed and delivered. God is working wonders there and I’m so humble to be part of it.

But now the members in Ducats are less committed to church ever since I started a new branch at Nompumelelo. 

We had youth service there on 16th June, it was amazing to see youth excited and committed like that. 

Next Sunday 6th Zizipho and Zolile are getting engage at our church in Ducats. Atleast something good is happening. 

Personal and Ministry Prayer Request 

  • Financial break through 
  • Development and progress at home and in the church 
  • Healing my wife
  • Permanent job in teaching for my wife 
  • I need to win more souls and not lose the existing ones on that process 
  •  Peace, satisfaction, joy in our marriage 
  • My wife is much better now.

Victor Befile – July 2017

Describe how the Church Plant is doing. Is it growing? Any challenges? Any joys? Discouragements?

The church is growing at Kenton On Sea in Motherwell there has been challenges most members moved to look for work to other areas in Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality and that has affected the church membership.

Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

We are looking for a church site in Motherwell. At Kenton On Sea we are in a process of buying a building that will be used for church services. This building worth R50 000.00

Share some TESTIMONIES of God’s faithfulness in your PERSONAL and MINISTRY life. ANSWERS to prayer?

We had a successful crusade in Kenton On Sea; through the support of our partners next year we will have Associate Pastor at Motherwell; Walmer and Kenton On Sea.

Sivuyile Ngindana – July 2017

Describe how the Church Plant is doing. Is it growing? Any challenges? Any joys? Discouragements?

Wooow! God is doing wonderful things that are even surprising me because his word that I am spreading to his people it is breaking the yokes people are receiving it and they are repenting from their wicked ways, witches, drunkards are becoming new believers through God’s Lord.

Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

My personal prayer is, if God can keep my family safe while I am away and give them a shelter to stay, I am ministry. I am asking God to protect His people so that they cannot backslide, and love Jesus as they do.

Share some TESTIMONIES of God’s faithfulness in your PERSONAL and MINISTRY life. ANSWERS to prayer?

The testimony that I have in my life is that, my wife’s sister has repent. I thank God for that. In Ministry as I said that people receive Jesus in a wonderful way, that is always my prayer and God is fulfilling it

Phillip Kamela – July 2017

Describe how the Church Plant is doing. Is it growing? Any challenges? Any joys? Discouragements?

Ever since I have moved back to Monyakeng Baptist Church, at first things were not that easy but now we thank the Lord because things are coming together. We do Bible study every thursday ,and youth every friday and preaching on Sunday, the Lord has really been good.all in all I can say that the church is growing and not only numerically but sporotually as well

Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

Nothing melts my heart like hearing someone saying to me that they are growing and thankful to the Lord because of my ministry, I get very encouraged when I hear such. This is not because I want appluase from people, it is just because I see where we are going. I have been asking the Lord for a prayer partner, one that we could share real stuff with  and pray together, I would also ask that you pray for me in that regard.

Share some TESTIMONIES of God’s faithfulness in your PERSONAL and MINISTRY life. ANSWERS to prayer?

God answered my prayer in that I have finally registered for my studies with Unisa and finishing that one subject with BTC. Secondly our youth department is at a healthy stage right now and that just melts my heart.

Jabu Dama – July 2017

Describe how the Church Plant is doing. Is it growing? Any challenges? Any joys?

The church is doing great, most of our members were on school holidays and we even had an opportunity to have outdoor evangelism.  We joyful to share the promising working relationship with Blue Water Bay Community Church. After along period of prayer for a such a relationship,  God has made it possible and we are all excited. Our fellowship rotates between areas of Wells and Blue Water Bay and it gives us the opportunity to minister to both communities. 

Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

As the church we desire to make this relationship between two church to work for the betterment of the community.  We aim to do more programs that will talk to the needs of comjunity and our members.  Our prayer request is for this relationship to work and for God to give us more ideas to accomplish more.

Share some TESTIMONIES of God’s faithfulness in your PERSONAL and MINISTRY life. ANSWERS to prayer?

As the church, we give God the praise for grace that keeps us united as the church. Thank him for this promising fellowship with the blue water bay church.

God has been faithfull to us as the family and we thank him for that. I’m greatful that God answered my prayer for the job.  It’s not a full time as yet but it’s an answer from God. As pastors of the church we are thankful to God that he has kept us.