Mteteleli Ziqu – July 2017

Describe how the Church Plant is doing. Is it growing? Any challenges? Any joys? Discouragements?

The church is growing spiritually more especially after Good Friday it is doing very well

Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

My prayer request is for more people of this village to be saved.

Share some TESTIMONIES of God’s faithfulness in your PERSONAL and MINISTRY life. ANSWERS to prayer?

God is so wonderful! Jesus has saved a man, his son and daughter in-law I prayed for his son who was demon possessed and our God delivered him.

Fungile Langbooi – July 2017

Describe how the Church Plant is doing. Is it growing? Any challenges? Any joys? Discouragements?

The Church plant is going. The Church plant is not growing numerical but spiritually it is. The joys are that everyone is well physically as for the past three months when there were sickness attacks to the van Huysteen family. The discouragements is the area where I minister the language difference.

Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

1. My prayer request is for the growth of the fellowship to grow  in numbers  and also for a place to meet as we cannot  meet on Sundays.

2. My personal prayer request is to stay healthy in order for me to share the Gospel to those who do not know the Lord.  Also for open doors when sharing the Gospel

Share some TESTIMONIES of God’s faithfulness in your PERSONAL and MINISTRY life. ANSWERS to prayer?

My personal prayer request is that to stay healthy. One other testimony is that of Mrs van Huysteen’s healthy because of prayers and we thank the prayers of the our prayer partners.

Soweto Matshekethe – July 2017

Describe your own spiritual and emotional health. Encouraged? Discouraged? Hopeful? Hopeless? Tired?

My both spiritual life and emotional health are fine and  the way things are going are encouraging and I am hopeful that things will turn out for the best as time goes on

Describe how the Church Plant is doing. Is it growing? Any challenges? Any joys? Discouragements?

The Church is growing in Slovo as the number is growing daily and we are planning a revival during September .The challenge is the venue but  we managed to meet people from African church for a venue  but we are still waiting for their response as we. have engaged them about the hall.

Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

We ask for prayers for the growth of the congregation and that the revival be a success

Share some TESTIMONIES of God’s faithfulness in your PERSONAL and MINISTRY life. ANSWERS to prayer?

During the revival in Bizana 10 people got saved  and here in Slovo we have a brother MR Magadule whom we prayed for and he is now employed

Frank Sibanda – July 2017

Describe your own spiritual and emotional health. Encouraged? Discouraged? Hopeful? Hopeless? Tired?

I am doing quite well on my spiritual side although with a lot of work on my plate. It is always my huge blessing to always be joyfully serving the Lord. In June I had a week in Zimbabwe teaching at a Bible college there. Such was a great time for my spiritual refreshment.

Describe how the Church Plant is doing. Is it growing? Any challenges? Any joys? Discouragements?

The church in Mafikeng today is established, I see a great commitment of our members in all areas of ministry work. One area that always discourages me is to see young girls falling pregnant outside marriage. God is not honored in their acts and this really disturbs me.

Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

PERSONAL PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for:  wisdom as I conduct teachings for future leaders, for my identity paper work to go smoothly as well as my permit application for studying as I need to do the Bachelors of Theology at Christ Seminary in Polokwane as from next year. I would be having one Sunday off the church per month during the course of my studies. 

MINISTRY: Pray for: members to be committed to financial giving for the running of the church. Pray that they see that giving is part of worship.

Share some TESTIMONIES OF God’s faithfulness in your PERSONAL and MINISTRY life. ANSWERS to prayer?

The Lord is good to us; we have a promise of getting help from the Rand Gospel Mission that visited us in May. We bless the Lord for such a great provision.

May the Lord open the doors for you in gathering financial support for church planters. May He bless everyone who is involved in this blessed work; your labor is not in vain. 

In Christ

Sello Sydney – July 2017

Personally I am doing, well by the grace of God. I am positive and encouraged to serve the Lord. I am trying to be healthy by eating well and exercise.

My personal struggles are that, because I don’t have a car to travel around doing ministry, which delays out our outreach initiatives, we need to carry speakers and other resources. I also struggle with time management.

I am in student discipleship; I am mentoring three students from the high school in my community.

They have a mentoring and coaching initiative in their school. So they approached to disciple them.

I also do leadership discipleship in my church and new believers.

God has been good in my life; he has opened a door for me, to be involved with Pastors against crime. Whereby I got the opportunity to preach to the prisoners and the Police staff, once a month. The respond has been good. God is growing his church we see new members, being part of the church.

Samuel Sijaku – July 2017

Ministry, is something that is good for me. because it is also for others, because there are things that you learn from ministry, about God that teach a person to share Christ, with others. There are times, that I get discouraged, when things don’t go the way I planned. Discouragement causes tiredness.

Describe how the Church Plant is doing. Is it growing? Any challenges? Any joys? Discouragements?

The church, is doing well, spiritually and the numbers are growing as well, but finances are not improving at all. But I am encouraged, and will keep on.

Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

  • Please pray for God’s provision
  • Church to tithe

Share some TESTIMONIES of God’s faithfulness in your PERSONAL and MINISTRY life. ANSWERS to prayer?

God is good, all the time. I don’t remember not a single day, that God did not answered my prayers. There are times that I feel discouraged, stress and disappointed, but when I pray to God, He answered. Even if I am struggling financially, through prayer, I overcome.

William Blaauw – July 2017

The church is doing extremely well. By the grace of God, the numbers has increase and people are growing in the Lord. We have an attendance of 40-50 people during our Sunday celebrations. One discouragement, is that people tend to shy away, from responsibilities of the church life. We are faithfully, with God’s help working diligently to resurrect New Beginnings to a church that will be, a model church in our community, and our city of Port-Elizabeth.

Our small groups are doing very well. People are growing towards God and towards each other. We believe, that small groups are where ministry and discipleship takes place. People, are so excited about small groups, and some don’t want to miss out. We see the growth in the members of our groups, I just wish that every member of our congregation, would see the need to be part of a small group.

We are also involved at Kabega Park Police station and we received great response from the men and woman, who attends our Thursday morning devotions. Many people have been asking for Bibles, to read the word of God, themselves and that’s encouraging. In the good I see God is doing at the Police station, I still sense that there’s still a divide between people of different race. I pray that God will bridge that divide, through the gospel, that is preached.

Youth is doing not so well, because the number of kids coming are dropping rapidly. The Youth leadership has decided to do house visit, to speak to parents of the youth and to build relationship. The leadership has decided to invite parent of youth to youth, for a meal, just to get to know each other better.

Children’s Ministry is a big concern, because we still prayerfully looking for someone, who is passionate about children. I’m grateful, for those who take turns to lead the children’s ministry.

Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

1) Pray for members to get involved in the ministries of the church.
2) Pray for members to spend more time reading the word of God for themselves.
3) Pray for urgency to witness & make disciples for the kingdom of God.
4) Pray for God’s wisdom, to share scriptures within the right context & simplicity
5) Pray for people to encounter Jesus Christ, in our services.
6) Please, pray for the congregations to trust God enough to give to the work of the kingdom.
7) Pray that God will help me to lead His flock with integrity

Share some TESTIMONIES of God’s faithfulness in your PERSONAL and MINISTRY life. ANSWERS to prayer?

God is faithful and He has never disappointed us, not once. We trusted God, for a vehicle and someone, is willing to sell his polo to us, for R25 000. We don’t have the money, but we know that God has already, made provision for it. I would like to say, that “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want” (Ps 23:1). It was a tough month financially, but God intervened and sustained and provided.

He is good to us and to the congregation of New Beginnings. We keep on trusting Him, wholeheartedly.

Samora Cawe – July 2017

“God is great, there is no God but Allah. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Come and pray” these are the first words that are whispered to a new born Muslim baby. To Muslims Islam is not just a religion it’s their identity, their way of life and all they have ever known. So going into this outreach in Cape Town to the Muslims from the horn of Africa I was very much aware of the spiritual battle that we would encounter so we invested much time in prayer before we went.

The outreach team consisted of 10 young people 8 from Word of life student church (Reach SA) in Port Elizabeth and two guys from the Assemblies of God in KZN and we joined the OM team down in Cape Town in the work they are doing among this people group.

In Cape Town alone there is an estimated 60000 Muslims from the horn of Africa. In their country it’s illegal to be Christian but God has brought them here not just so they can escape the wars in their land or even for better economic conditions but he has brought them here primarily to hear the gospel which they can’t hear in their own country. From the onset when God inspired this idea of the outreach there were two twin goals: to reach the people from the horn of Africa with the gospel and also expose young black people to missions. These we did by engaging in prayer walks in their area, having conversation with them, handing out audio bibles and eating with them. 

Initially when we arrived the team was intimidated at the prospect of sharing the gospel with these people but after a lot of rejection from some people who did not want to talk to us God softened people’s hearts. We got to know them from a personal level not just as Muslims and they were even willing to receive the audio bibles knowing that that was the bible in their own language. One case was quite special the girls in our team met mama Aisha in her stall while she was selling and shared the gospel with her, gave her the audio bible and she was so encouraged by the girls that she even invited them to her place but we were about to leave and the girls couldn’t make it.

We also got the opportunity to attend an underground church made up of brothers from the horn of Africa and hear one of their testimonies of how they came to Christ. Hearing about how the brother never saw any Christians in his country and about the persecution he faced when he came to faith was eye opening for us. Its one thing to watch these testimonies on YouTube but it’s another to hear the person to whom it occurred sharing face to face.

I personally was blessed by the Lord on seeing the students realize how missions is not as they thought: that it is not just the responsibility of westerners to take the gospel to all nations but Africans need to take up this responsibility too.

“After this I looked and behold a great multitude that no one could number from every nation from all tribes and peoples and languages standing before the throne and before the Lamb clothed in white robes with palm branches in their hands and crying out with a loud voice Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne and to the Lamb” Revelations 7v9-10

God is doing it!!!

Praise God for:

  • Bringing this people group into our country so they can hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Being sovereign over this outreach.
  • Providing people with willing hearts to be involved and for financial provision. 

Please pray:

  • For the people who got the audio bibles to listen and understand the truth about Christ.
  • That the team of young people can be moved to get even more involved in missions.
  • That the African church would rise and get even more involved in missions.   

Wisdom Shelter Ameku-Aflao – July 2017

PERSONAL AND FAMILY LIFE: We thank God for His guidance and provisions. The children are doing well at home, spiritually and academically by the grace of God. By the grace of God the church family is also doing very great. 

MINISTRY:  By the grace of God we are establishing and laying a solid foundation for the newer churches as we disciple them.  We are excited that churches are being planted and members discipled to the glory of God.

The infant church at Penyi is doing very well. The average attendance stands at 26. We are excited that things are moving very well to get it on a great footing.

The main church at Aflao has been given a deadline to quit the rented premises so we are seriously and urgently  raising a new structure and hoping to commence using the facility by the close of August 2017

COVENANT MINISTERIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE: We are trying to train as many as possible through the Bible Institute and we use the Students from time to time to help us in evangelizing the lost. Lots of members have identified their gifts and things are being put in their rightful places. We are praying and anticipating that a good number of trainees will enroll in the Institute.

We are considering the other two training programs to see how we can use them. The VERITAS Training and LMC.

PRAYER REQUESTS: 1 Pray for divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding

2. Pray for effective, dedicated leaders who love the lord passionately

3. Pray for all the Church Planters to be effective on the fields

4. Pray for the members to be well rooted in the Lord Jesus Christ

5. Pray for the urgent need of Bibles, lands, construction of temporary meeting places, motor cycles for key leaders and lighting system

Ben Kamenya-Agona – July 2017

THANKS-We thank God for all His goodness and sustenance. We also thank AFC for the support they will be giving so that we can work to fulfill our ministry.

THE FAMILY-My extended and church families are doing very well by His sufficient grace

MINISTRY: We are engaged in personal evangelism and also use frequent revival meetings also to get the souls.  At Agona Swedru we have 16 converts who are being discipled.

We have rented a classroom for the church meetings and there is the need to move to a permanent place. The field is ripe, but with patience and the favor of God we will breakthrough.

PRAYER REQUESTS:  1. Pray for more grace for us as we minister in these volatile areas

2. Pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding for all of us

3. Pray for dedicated and faithful leaders to emerge and also pray against evil plans of the devil.

4. Pry for more resources for the work of the ministry

5. Pray that the new believers should be established and rooted in Christ

6. Pray for land and a permanent place of worship