Wiki Vuyelele January Report

Family matters:
The lord has blessed me with a loving wife, three children, a daughter-in law, three grand-children and lastly three foster kids. Everyone of them shows dedication to the work of God. 2018 marks our 28th anniversary in marriage and our love for each other is still growing stronger, as we are not perfect but through the help of the Lord we are able to resolve our differences peacefully.


By the grace of God, the good news of Jesus Christ is being preached in rural areas. Our committed members are willing to be tasked as our villages are not  closer to each other, but there are some we managed to reach out to. I always encourage the brethren to read the word of God, I also do bible studies, tent revivals.


I would like to thank the AFC family for welcoming me and making me  part of the family in September 2017 church planters conference, and I was also blessed to be part of the conference, it was awesome, I Thank the Lord for the youth camp that took place in my village for two weeks in June 2017, where Pastor. Loyiso Matu and his youthful team did a great explosion in our areas. I say to God be the glory!.

Prayer items:

1.My health, to be strong, so I can continue preaching the goodness of  God amongst the brethren.

2. Church planters to be an example of what they are preaching ,to be  like Jesus.
3.Also the strength and health of the AFC leadership as they are  advancing the kingdom.
Thank you!!

Farming Gods Way training in Malawi

Africa for Christ sponsored several training events in partnership with Peace Ministries under Pastor Alick Banda

The training took place and we made demonstration plots which will stand there for people to see how this principle works.

Malawi partner begins Disciple Groups

Established Discovery Bible Study groups

We got the following encouraging email from one of our church planters in Malawi

Dear Jeremy,


How are you my brother. I hope that you are doing well together with the family.


Am also well this side. And I just wanted to report that I have started the journey of trying new wine by establishing the Discovery Bible study groups in our church. I have been teaching this principle for two Sundays now in the church and have established five Discovery Bible Study groups which will specifically dwell on Hear, obey and share.


I pray that God will bless this effort so that we bear much fruit.


See photos of people studying in there groups in church.


With regards,





Loyiso Matu – September 2017

 The church plant is doing well and I have already started the discovery bible study. Now more people are getting saved. The leaders that I am grooming are growing spiritually and they study the bible even in their homes.  I am so encouraged because I believe in making leaders other than followers.

We have a plan to clean the community of NU 11 because it’s too dirty children can easily get diseases. Now we are planning to meet the ward councillor for discussing the idea. We are asking prayers. As you are aware that last month-end I have an accident with the bakkie, I am asking God to grand me power to fix it and be able to use it again for preaching the word across and also your prayers please stand with me.

Last month we had a meeting at Bluewater Bay Community church with Jeremy, Jeremy connected me with JP and Pastor Eric. They gave me food parcels to help the needy community of Motherwell.  One of the families we visited and left the food parcels was the Somyali family in NU11 and after a week the mother of the house came to Jesus after one of the discovery leaders Mrs Kwebulana has been paying visits into their home for discovery bible study. Now the whole family that includes three daughters and grand children came they are fellowshipping with us now.

Victor Befile – September 2017

I am encouraged about what God is doing in our church as from July till now. I have approached Phakamile Nomkhonwana and Fungile Langbooi and Thandisizwe Matebese and we started personal evangelism at NU10 in Motherwell. In the beginning the response was not promising but by faith we continued. As we were doing this door to door we were passing by an old lady with her daughter we started to greet them and told them our mission. They were so excited and promised to listen to us when we come again and that was our break-through the daughter of this old lady is a member now at our church and is so active also inviting as many people as she can to attend our Sunday services.

Both of my two cars are having a fault and that makes life difficult because areas we are reaching with the word of God are far from where I stay now I am bit challenge although I know the Lord will make a plan so that I may overcome this challenge.

We are still praying to have our building for the church. I am hopeful that the site we have applied for we will manage to buy and build our Centre since we are not only using our premises to conduct services but we do have other community development programmes such as Preschool; Afternoon classes and Saturday classes now we are planning to have Computer classes.

I have no reason of being hopeless since God is doing great things at our church through personal evangelism ministry.

As I have indicated that in our church we also do have community development programmes and these programmes has made so busy this year because we had a challenge with man-power and that has made me to be tired. Also this year I have been Pastoring two churches one in Motherwell Port Elizabeth another one in Kenton On Sea. But praise God next year Tebou Mahase will take over Kenton On Sea church but still under my supervision.

Lukanyo Mlanzeli – September 2017

I am so happy and hopeful because of the skills and strategy that I learn in the conference of the AFC two weeks ago especially the Making Disciple Movement.
The work of is not yet growing but ever since I’ve learn the discipleship movement I will implement to them and I believe it will work according to my gift.
I pray that God will bless us with instruments to attract more youth in the church.
I am so glad that my dream come through because I was dreaming of Bee keeping in my life and Pastor Jeremy help me and organise the training for me on October and I thank God for Pastor Jeremy it means a lot to me and the Lord bless him and his family.

Samuel Sijaku – September 2017

The church, is doing well, spiritually and the numbers are growing as well. The woman department grows fast and they are very active. But the youth and men ministry are challenging.

Share some PERSONAL and MINISTRY prayer requests:

  • Please pray for God’s provision
  • Church to tithe
  • Pray for me and my family
  • Pray for the church in Humansdorp

God is good, all the time, even when I am surrounded by difficulties, financially but God is still good. I almost make a wrong decision, but God reminded me that for, 4 years He was faithful providing for me. He was with me at the college after graduation for ten years. I came to the conclusion that I serve the Lord, even when I don’t receive the required stipend.

Phillip Kamela – September 2017

This report would so well fitting just we have had our very awesome and spirit filled church planter’s conference. My spirit came back fulfilled and that was a boost on my spiritual health. The church is so supportive of my ministry and that gets me encouraged. Discouragements are just that its been some three weeks not seeing some members coming on Sundays , however I made means to ask and encourage them to be available for God to use them.
My hope is that since it is warm again , we can have an outreach so we can win souls for the Lord through a crusade.
As I have mentioned earlier that the church is doing well, we thank the Lord for that. What I would request as a prayer is that the Lord may open the leader’s hearts to serve him freely and openly. The joys are that the young people are now involved in the ministry and find fulfilment in serving the Lord.
It is almost exam time for me and I would request that you pray with me that the Lord might keep me in peace and focus. And also for the outreach that we want to get into as a church.

Fungile Langbooi – September 2017

The Church plant is doing well it is not growing as I would like to but they the members are growing spiritually. We are starting we the Discovery Bible Study method and hope that we will grow and mature in the knowledge of the Lord. The only challenge we have is that we cannot meet on Sundays as we have no meeting place.

My prayer request is for the growth of the fellowship to grow both in numbers and spiritual and also for a place to meet as we cannot afford rental which most of the places ask.

My personal prayer request is to stay healthy in order for me to share the Gospel to those who do not know the Lord.  Also for open doors when sharing the Gospel.

Pray for my son to find employment.

My testimony on God’s faithfulness is that I am feeling much better in-fact I am much healthier than a month ago.

I can sleep now through -out the night without any interruptions from the cramps.

I thank God and your prayers for that.

William Blaauw – September 2017

The church is doing extremely well. By the grace of God, the numbers has increase and people are growing in the Lord. We have an attendance of 40-50 people during our Sunday celebrations. We are planning to start a small group in an informal settlement called, Mission Vale in September 6th. We trust God for this group, to grow into a fellowship in this community & we thank God for a man the peace, Bennie Witbooi, whose house we will use, as our meeting place.

Our small groups are doing very well. People are growing spiritually, in their relationship with God, and towards each other. We believe, that small groups are where ministry and discipleship takes place. People, are so excited about small groups, and some don’t want to miss out. We see the growth in the members of our groups, I just wish that every member of our congregation, would see the need to be part of a small group.

Youth is doing not so well, because the number of kids coming are dropping rapidly, but leadership I believe are doing their best in teaching the youth, that attends our Youth activities.

Children’s Ministry is a big concern, because we still prayerfully looking for someone, who is passionate about children.  I’m grateful, for those who take turns to lead the children’s ministry.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for members to get involved in the ministries of the church.
  • Pray for members to spend more time reading the word of God for themselves.
  • Pray for urgency to witness & make disciples for the kingdom of God.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom, to share scriptures within the right context & simplicity
  • Pray for people to encounter Jesus Christ, in our services.
  • Please, pray for the congregations to trust God enough to give to the work of the kingdom.
  • Pray that God will help me to lead His flock with integrity