Makhosonke Mamkeli Report: August 2015

Dear Africa for Christ.

We’re still doing fine in my family. We thank you very much for your prayers and suport. In the work of the Lord things are coming right, the winter is gone now. I started tent revival two weeks ago. We have a 25 year old lady who was a TomBoy. She was living a life like boys althouh she’s a lady. She was drinking alcohol smoking drugs. She was robbing in the streets at night. But one night Olwethu Booi attended in my tent revival. She said she was the to steal our cables. When I finish to preach the Word of God, she was crying and she came to the altar. She accepted Jesus Christ and repent.

Now Olwethu Booi is a born again Christian and she realize that she is a woman after a counseling. Now my wife and I we’re busy trying to get clothing for her because she was wearing like a man. We thank Africa for Christ for supporting so that we can preach the Word of God in the rural areas.

Thank You , yours in Christ,


Masibulele Koti Report: August 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, greetings to you in Jesus name

Concerning my family, my wife and my son they are still in Durban with my mother in-law. I do communicate with them and they do sound very happy, even though my wife has been in hospital having some depression and some body ill-nesses but I thank God she has recovered and she is now about to come back home. Even her absence has affected me and the ministry God is till great and I will always praise God for his greatness of mercies. Now am starting to cope in this new environment and the Lord is with me and my family.

Concerning the ministry the Lord has been so good, in this month the Lord has given us the great strength to do his work with remarkable results. On Sunday on the 26 of July I preached to the Assembles of God and the Lord gave a message concerning a prayer that we need to pray these days. On the 2nd of August while travelling to the church I passed by a certain house and I asked for the street direction since am still new in this location. This mother said to me “It is not the first time you been asking for direction to me, but you need to sit down I just want to talk to you”, I sat down and she began to tell me about her painful life story about herself and the family. I was so moved when I heard about such a painful story and by seeing her crying tears. I prayed for her and I went to the church and I taught in the church about the power of God through prayer.

Again on Monday the 3rd we went to her house as the church for prayer, after I preached I made an alter call and they came forward together with her gran children praise the Lord. I would like you to pray for her and her family as well her name is Mrs Dinca. When I visited her on Wednesday She told me that her daughter who disappeared for three weeks has come back and prepared to go to school. On the 10th I gave her some gospel tracts in order for her to learn more of God’s ways and now she is the member of the church of our Jesus Christ.

On this same week on 11th of I went to the old aged home asking for a slot to preach the gospel and they agreed and that place is comprised of Blacks and Whites people. The white people have got the pastor who visits them every Thursday and the black people had no one to preach to them due to language barrier as most of them do not hear English. On the 13th I visited the old aged home having gospel tracks of Xhosa and English titled “Where is your home?”, I believe these gospel tracks will remind them that this earth is not our home and let them know that there is a real home beyond this world. On this day I was distributing the tracks and I preached a message to them about Jesus having gone home in order to prepare a place for us, reminding them of the great promises of our Lord in John 14 vs. 1-6. As I spoke with them some were telling me of their loneliness of being in that place. Some are there because no one cares for them, some because of being sick and some because of being troubled by their children. They miss their homes so deeply, but I believe the Lord is going to help them to prepare for the heavenly Jerusalem.

On the 14th I was distributing the gospel tracks in the suburbs of this city and people received them gladly, I thank God for seeing people of other denominations receiving the gospel tracks with joy especial those that do not preach salvation. On the 16th of this month I was in the church preaching encouraging people to attend the church constantly as recorded in Hebrews chapter 10 vs. 25. I thank God that people are more eager to worship the Lord now and they come to the church being thirstier to worship God. On the 19th I went to the Old Aged Home again to give the a book of Luke so that they are going to learn more of the word of God. On the 20th we visited the home of the mother who got saved and she is so happy to be with us. On the 22 I went to visit the church members of the church I work with, who have been sitting down since their split in the last 4 years and they were so glad and they promised to come.

But others are still reluctant to go to church as they don’t about which side they have to join. I thank for God who gives me wisdom not to persuade to join any side but to join the Lordship of our Lord Jesus. I only tell them they must go where God leads them to go because I don’t want to take sides. On the 23rd I went to the Old Aged Home in order to share the Word of God with them, I have been asked to share the word with them on Sundays morning. Now I will visit them twice a week on Wednesday 9h30-10h30 and Sunday 8h40-9h30, please pray that these precious souls must be saved. They are old and closer to meet the Lord their Creator and now we have been sent to prepare them in order to reconcile with God. I thank God for such opportunities of preaching the gospel to the lost, may their souls be saved. I came back to the church to worship God with the saints in Christ and I preached about building the walls of Jerusalem, building the place of worship, building the walls of prayer, the walls of worship, the walls giving and the walls of studying God’s Word. I believe in these days we need to build the house of God.

I need more prayer as am thinking about revivals and of evangelizing farms that are around us, one of the church member is willing to let us use their car in order to reach out to farms, but the problem at the moment is finding R800 for a second hand starter. Pray please that God should provide in order to reach to more souls and that the Lord may give us boldness to proclaim the good news. I thank that my camera is okay now, next time I will give you some pictures of these people being sent to you. Another thing I need Christian films and DVD’s for Christian services in order to get more of God’s Word and be filled with God’s power and love and get rid of loneliness. That means if I can get those Christian films I can visit them thrice a week. We are also planning for dynamic church programs during the week, such as the Bible study and prayers and hope the Lord our God will help us and help his people.

Thank so much for your financial support and prayers without it I wouldn’t be here seeing people getting blessed, revived and saved. THANK YOU!!!

From pastor Masibulele and Liyema Koti

Wisdom Ameku Report: June 2016

Family Update: The children are doing well at home, church and academically by the grace of God. The first born by the name Esther graduated from the University of Science and Technology and has been employed at the Meteorological Services Department in Accra. The second born by the name of Angela is preparing to for her last semester at the Cape Coast University. Joshua is graduating from the Ho Polytechnic. The last baby is also at the Junior Secondary school in Accra.

By the grace of God we are establishing newer churches at the following strategic places: Kintampo located in the middle belt of Ghana, Somanya and Asesewa in the Eastern Region, Keta-Dzelukope and Akatsi in the Volta Region of Ghana. The newer churches are situated at Mankesim, Agona-Swedru and Winneba in the Central Region of Ghana. We will be starting 2 more soon at Awudome –Tsito and Sokode-Gbogame. We have the goal of starting 25 new churches in 2016 and we are on course. The urgent need of Bibles, construction of temporary meeting places and lighting systems cannot be over-emphasized. The chairs have been distributed widely and we hope great things will happen through their usage. Thanks so much for the chairs. What a relief.

We are very grateful to God and also to our Partners for the enablement and grace to start churches with limited resources. To God be the glory, great things He has done.

Lionel Makholwane Report: August 2015

Dear Pastor

I want to report that things are going well at Magusheni Baptist church which I planted three years ago. I do house to house evangelism and people are being saved. I am looking for some evangelists to come and  assist me but the support is very low. I have to invite them from different places and provide them with transport money and groceries.

Lionel Makholwane

Kambooi Pitili Report: August


I greet you in Jesus name all is well with my family and our three daughters are growing faster and the school going one’s are progressing even the little baby is growing and healthier. Next month my wife is going back to work as from the first of September, she is healthy and strong

The Assembly is doing well as far as spiritual matters are concerned the challenges are not to be matched with spiritual blessings

We asked for prayers in regard to my wife’s Maternity benefits and we thanks God for an answer that she was compensated, therefore she managed to take care of some of her needs


Fungile Langbooi Report: July 2015

Dear friends

Greetings in the most precious name of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This is a report for the month of June 2015. The report is for the work done in Despatch where I have started a new Church plant in the suburb of Despatch and the three townships of Despatch which are as follows: Khayamnandi Daleview and Resovoirhill. The Baptist Union Southertn Africa has advised me to continue with the Church plant in Despatch and leave the work in Joe Slovo in the care of the EPBA.

Four ladies have commited their lives to the Lord during the prayer meetings of the women. Our Sunday morning services are held in our house 13 Totius street Despatch and the ladies prayer meetings are held in Mrs Mabangula’s home in Khayamnandi township. The prayer meeting which is led by my wife Patricia Langbooi on Thursdays is quiet well attended with ladies from other denominations. The attendance in our services on Sunday morning services is +- 12 people per Sunday.

Prayer items:
A place to worship
Support for our crusade which will be in August
Our health as we start in a new area.

Yours in Christ service.
Fungile Langbooi(Pastor/ Teacher)

Mpendulo Fuma Report: August 2015

Thanks Giving
We give glory to the Lord and thanking all the supporters of the work of the Lord. Blessed are those who bless others.

I thank the Lord for my marriage HE has been faithful to us. We are mentors to other couples through HIS help. The child we adopted is doing well with us and at school.

We do outreaches,spreading the word of God. We visit home praying for the sick, telling bible stories and building relationships with them. We also want to help them by being the examples of what we preach that is why we want to be close to them.

We want to build a God fearing community 2-Strong marriages

Future plans
We are still using a big roundavel and are in negotiations with the local chief for an open space to erect a church structure.

Employment of most of the members
Evil spirits attacking people
We are covered with the blood of Jesus and prayer

Prayer Request
We need prayers that His will be known and be done. That HIS people be freed from evil spirits That the Lord must strenghtens our faith.

Pastor Fuma

Lulama Mpayipheli Report: June

I greet you in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ Amen. Its good to be a church planter in my time I know I’m doing a right thing.

In the ministry
In the ministry i always thank God everyday for the Mercy and grace, but now i can do anything because of Him. In the church we still saw a new faces in both sides town of our branches and it is our prayer to reach another villages around us but we challenges but we praying and planning to reach those places.
Another thing in this month i was supporting another Pastor in my church he pitching a tent crusade in this month. We need prayers so that the Lord give us strength every day. From the 29 June to a2 July we have youth camp in Hokwana Village. I praying and I know God will help us.

Yours Faithful
pastor Lulama Mpayipheli

Elvis Nxusani Report: August 2015

Greetings in the name of Jesus our Lord and Saviour. This is a report of Kingdom Fellowship House under Pastor Elvis Nxusani in Duncan Village, East London.

Ministry Update
God still helps us a lot in the work He has entrusted us with.My congregants are still worshipping well in Duncan Village. what worries me about this church is growth in numbers, its taking time. I think the main reason is that I do not stay in the same area. We only get there on Sundays and we have not yet started any home cells there.  If we could stay there there would be change. There is no transport from where I stay that goes directly there and it is worse after hours. As a church we are praying that God will make things possible.
Our branch that is outside town in Needs Camp is doing well even in numbers.They are also planning to have a church site, they have already bought about 20 corrugated irons and they also have about R1500 and about R1000 comes from the Duncan Village branch.They have been promised some land as well.

We still need some instruments so that we can start evengelism. As a result of this we have not done it as the Duncan Village branch. The Kuni (Needs Camp) branch is doing personal evengelism and that brings new faces everytime we meet.

Personal and Family
As the Nxusani family we are not complaining about anything before God. We are just full of thanksgiving for every good thing He does for us. We also want to thank you for your financial and prayer supports. May God bless you and make you and make you a blessing to many more others.

Prayer Points
•We need God to provide so we can evangelize Duncan Village
•The building of the church at Kuni Village
•Sound System.

Yours Faithfully

Mr Elvis M.Nxusani

Seaview Church Cape Town

February 2006 saw things really get into full swing. Apart from all the departments and ministries starting up again, we also hosted our first members meeting for the year. Due to the increase in church membership during the preceding twelve months, we elected three new leaders to assist with leadership responsibilities. There was a good spirit with plenty of ministry ideas forthcoming as points of direction for the future.

These include:-

Community welcome ministry as an arm of the evangelism ministry to the new people moving into the area. Sixty new houses are currently being built in the area and we would like to offer the services of a prayer of blessing for their new home as well as presenting them with a basket of goodies as a welcome to Bayview.
We believe that this could be a valuable first point of contact.

Extension of school ministry to include motivation to the final year high school students of our area to complete school. Currently our work in the schools only deal with primary school teachers.

Oaks of Righteousness is the ministery we started to reach and address some of the issues the young people in our area are faced with. Our first event will be hosted on the 4th March 2006.

Many visitors are still frequenting the church and my visitation programme is kept healthy because of this. From the pulpit I am addressing the issue of financial management again as many of our people have requested benevolent assistance after they have unwisely spent over the festive season. We are also planning to extend the facilities and are currently raising the funds to meet this objective.

I have also started to minister to the Mitchell’s Plain day hospital staff every Wednesday and Thursday. This is an excellent opportunity.

Thank you again for all your prayer and support as we endeavour to find more ways to be effective in ministry.

Peter & Janine Cornelius