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30 Birthday Celebration

On the 21st of February we held our 30th Birthday celebration as Africa For Christ. We were able to gather a number of key leaders who had contributed towards the success we have seen in the last 30 years. We trust that we will continue expand and grow over the next 30 years

Bibles Program

Some great news from one of our workers in Motherwell and our partnership with City Catalysts: “We received the Bibles thank you very much, through the food parcel we managed to open new doors,we are also started plant vegetable at the backyard of people others they started to harvest more special spinach. We so grateful […]

Preschool Training

Before lockdown we were able to do some training with Preschool Teachers in Motherwell. This will help with the futures of young people in the country. We thank God for his provision.

Nkosi Fenque

We are at the moment at a transitional period in our ministry, which is a very challenging and also an opportune time of growth as we are sort of re-introducing ourselves to the community after a long period worshipping without a roof over our heads. The major challenge for us constant break=inns that have been […]

Sivuyile Dzai

I am happy because I can see the Lighthouse Church as my new home that is having a bright future. Members are few but committed and dedicated. The warm hospitality’ dedication and commitment from the church members has lifted my spirit. In the year 2019 I see God taking me to another level. I met […]

Siyabulele Dama

“I have indicated  earlier that the slow growth of the church is so discouraging to the point that I sometimes want to quit and shut the ministry / church down. It is very hard, we are losing members and the challenges of life both physically and social are a contributing factor to the discouragements. The […]